One of the most beautiful areas of the island is Kambos, a green valley 3 Km south of town covered with citrus orchards. Kambos is a flat land that stretches, along the east coast of the island of Chios, about 10 Km long and 2 Km wide.

In the 14th century, the Genoese selected this area to build their mansions, as did the local aristocrats in later years, creating a new socio-economic level. High walls made from Thymiana stone protected the mansions and the orchards from dust, winds and cold. In the past, the orchards were watered from big wells. Water was drawn by huge water wheels turned by animals.

Elaborate cisterns decorated with marble reliefs and spouts, figure centrally in the courtyards. Shady paths, gardens of flowers, and creeping vines of jasmine create a unique atmosphere.

Chios is well know for its excellent mandarins (tangerines) with their exquisite aroma. These citrus fruits maily come from the area of Kampos.