The entire village is 25 Km south of the town of Chios. The village is unique with the black and white geometrical decor of the outer walls of the houses, with its narrow roads, the innumerable churches and amongst them the 13th century Byzantine church of St. Apostles.

It has been designated a listed monument. It is built like a fortress for protection against the frequent attacks by pirates and Turks. It lies in valley far from the sea. The grey stone houses had doors and windows that faced only the interior of the fortress wall.

At the center of Pyrgi rises the defense tower, where the inhabitants took refuge in the case of attack. The streets of the village, which are cobbled and narrow, are connected to the central tower square. At frequent intervals there are transverse archways supporting the structures, as well as vaults and arches supporting the rooms. The functional character of the houses was geared to defense and thus the inhabitants were able to move about the roofs without being seen.